A lot of Sonshine

I am so fortunate to have found a great place to volunteer, and it happened by accident.   I had been considering the local hospital for a volunteer position, but deep down I didn't really want to do that.
I came to the thrift store because a friend needed a ride  and while there I noticed  piles of books in no particular order.  I knew I had found my calling. 
It's been over a year now and in the process, besides the shelves  being much tidier I have found a plethoria of nice people I get to bump elbows with on a weekly basis.
Not only is Sonshine Thrift Store, for treasured finds, it's also a food pantry,
The Hope Foundation,  helping those who need their services regardless of the economy. 
 This is Christine, she's the Resource Manager,  sticking her tongue out at me, nice Christine.  :) I guess she's multitasking in the middle of her food pantry chores.
So much hard work is lovingly poured into these four walls to reach a greater goal but during the summer months it's even harder considering  the heat.  If you're working outside like Demetrius,  sorting donations, then a gallon of water per hour is your friend.  I don't know how he does it.
I caught him off guard, can ya tell?  " Huh?"

I'd never thought about all the extra volunteers it takes and from whence they came.
I've seen loads of UCF students roll through, church groups as well and the person in charge of orchestrating everyone and everything is Karol, our Vounteer Coordinator.  Go Karol...she's my go to girl when I need extra hands helping me in the book area.  
I believe this picture looks like Karol, was going to say something, "What's that Karol?" ( Beside her is another wonderful volunteer at the Help desk)

Everytime I come in to sort through the books I get to bump Kelly, the manager,  from her desk when I need to use her computer, actually, I wait my turn (like a vulture) and she is always so pleasant about it. 
 I surprised her today with my camera and she cooperated fully in the taking of this picture.  Thank you Kelly, that is very managery of you.

Many H.S. students work, I realize this, but giving up every Saturday, seems like a very small percentage to me.  Let's face it, this is a gimme generation, but there is a core of young people who are proving their generation all wrong.  Thank goodness!
Jessica is one of the few, she cashiers and whatever else is needed every Saturday, unless it's SAT testing, or vaca with her family. 
We've had some great conversations during the lunch hour about web design and such.  Thanks Jessica for your Saturday sacrifice.

I know there are many others that lovingly give up their time, sweat equity if you will, for whatever reason. I don't have their pictures,  I don't have their story,  but that doesn't lesson the working hands and the caring hearts.

This isn't just a post on a blog and it doesn't end after I push the publish button. This is continuous....like the people...walking in the door to shop, to drop off donations, to volunteer, to clock in to fill a need ....
Whatever you want to call it
 I see it as the son constantly shining......


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  1. There's no feeling like the one you get from giving your time and effort freely. What a nice post Barb! Say hello to your friends at the shop from me.



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