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I found this cute list of the reasons your cakes fail.
I like this better than some I've seen. 
 Sight recognition tends to stay longer than a list of causes mundanely stated in the back of a cookbook.

Speaking of Cookbooks:
Other than The Pioneer Woman Cookbook, being a favorite, there are a few others I enjoy too.
There are some  cookbooks I probably won't buy since the library has them on hand, better there than on my hips.   I'll be saving pounds as well as money. 

I tend to zero in on a select two or three cookbooks depending on what I'm baking.
Generally  I grab this one, Tea, by Tricia Foley,  first if I'm looking for plain cakes. 
 Although, there are quite alot of recipes with more depth, but, I have found it is just as challenging, if not more  so to make a basic cake. 

if I need a good laugh and a little Southern flair

( I realize my photos are awful, but if you squint real hard it's possible to cipher the words ...sorry)
Just in case you need a little help

 Table of Contents reads:

1.  Dying Tastefully in the Mississippi Delta
2.  The Methodist ladies vs. the Episcopal ladies
3. Who Died?  Stuffed Eggs and Delta ?
4.  I was so Embarassed I liketa Died.
5. Comfort Foods, there is balm in Campbell's Soup
6. Suitably Boxed..Meringue Shells, Pecan Tassies........and you!
7.  The Remembrance Cocktail

As well as some great Southern recipes complete with the drawl of the South and there is even a Hit Parade of Hymns that only the respectible dead would have at their funeral.

My favorite part of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, was the car vs stealing the parking space scene...anyone who's seen the movie half dozen times knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

Rice Pudding is wonderful but Fannie Flagg's FGT CB Rice Pudding is very very wonderful.  More than that, it should be famous.
I had been jonesin for some rp for awhile and saw the recipe.  I decided to make it for myself and the girl that rented my room from me.  Wellllllll, needless to say she went away for a few days, I didn't know she was leaving and I had already started making the r.p.....btw, it has meringue, do I really have to finish this story...do you see where it's going......
let me suffice it to say...she never knew...

Let's head further down South and travel back in time
the book is
Charleston Receipts
This book was given to me, I didn't fully appreciate it until I was waiting on a cake, I opened the book to  pass the time and couldn't believe the recipes.  
Cotillion punch with gunpowder, Blackberry wine, Tomato Aspic-a southern staple, possum, and so much more. 
Since I'm a Yankee I'm not familiar with alot of the recipes but they are very interesting and intriguing to say the least. 
And this book is definately not politically correct, but why should it be, it was published in 1950, in the South, for cryin out loud.

Oh ...do you see it....this Diner cookbook.Diner Desserts by Tish Boyle,...mmmmm
Can you say Pie...as in Peanut Butter Pie or Chocolate Pie...or....
Sometimes...I take parts of recipes and combine them with others I believe will work well together and make my own combination...yum...

Some of the other books I reach for if I'm doing a special cake is
Colette Peter's book, her recipe for Meringue Buttercream.........forget your cholesterol if you're going to make this...it explains why it is heavenly...you'll end up there if you make a steady diet of it LOL.

Needless to say I love my cookbooks and appreciate
 the uniquess of each one.



  1. I love that Westinghouse print. The funeral guide is just plain weird. Amusing, but weird.

  2. I love old cookbooks! I'll have to check out the southern food for funerals- that looks great! I picked up one (not old) that was a compiling of comfort foods and the personal stories of why the dish was meaningful to the person that contributed it. Good recipes and a good read too.


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