An A Peeling Daydream

I saw him from across the room, he didn’t see me, I was sure of it. I was ready as any crime fighting woman would be under extreme circumstances.

I looked good-no make that great! I knew in my greatness I could kick that ever lovin’ butt to kingdom come and he’d never see it again!

I eased around the corner cat like. Darn, I knew I shouldn’t have worn these earrings; they were slapping me, throwing my concentration off thinking he was trying to get me from behind.


  Long before Special Agent Ziva David, began kicking the bad guys butt in NCIS, another female crime fighting role model from the 60’s television show, The Avengers, had the pleasure of impressing a small town girl.

I was living in a wannabe world, and I wanted to be Emma Peele. She was a million miles from my world of roller skates and taffy.

She had superior fighting skills, intelligence, and a contemporary fashion sense and lest we forget, the debonair John Steed.

My favorite part was seeing her fly through the air ready to kick butt. Of course the butt kicking in the 60's and the butt kicking today are two entirely different types of butt kicking.  :) 

I sat imagining myself in those jumpsuits confronting the bad guys with a glass of bubbly before I let him have it. Call it cat and mouse if you will.

Each time the scenario played on  I was being commended for a job well done.
 I saved the country or someone from disaster!

As I readied myself for dinner once again looking very groovy, my handsome partner and I made our way to our fabulous car continually impressing anyone we passed.

Only to start all over again next week. 

 All in a days work.....

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