A Funny Haircut and Ping Pong Balls

The violin slices through the air leaving an indelible mark in my memory.   The music plays as the Captain unlocks the door, jingles his keys and the morning begins or I should say the antics.

The daily ritual of Captain Kangaroo and I go way back through the swirls and dips of  gliding silence from Dancing Bear as well as  the crazy antics of Mr. Moose.  His knock knock jokes were always silly and  precluded a small hail storm of ping pong balls.  Who needed Pixar Productions, when Mr. Moose, was perfecting his comedic timing.

I was happy to be able to pass the Captain and his friends to my very young son,Cory, even though  his rein was coming to an end.

I've strained to remember the details of the Captain Kangaroo Show, lord knows I've tried.    
 Mr. Greenjeans,  Captains jingling keys, the catchy music and his pockets are as important to the show as jelly is to peanut butter.
I just know I always stayed glued :) through the arts and crafts projects, story time, Tom Terrific, the piles of carrots left for B. R. and more ping pong balls.  (I always pitied the person cleaning those up.)   

Innocent times revisited, let's face it with all the crap going on in our country, on the news, and the so called entertainment, every now and then a trip down memory lane with a portly man and a funny hair cut isn't at all a bad thing. 

If you were too young to remember the show  play the video and take a step back in your parents world, experience, exercise your imagination, and laugh at the silliness and for goodness sake paste a smile on your jaded self, you'll be glad you did.  You might even be able to bridge a gap across a chasm of miscommunication and time.  


  1. Never saw those tv programs, but I have found memories of Mr Rogers, The Friendly Giant, Mr Dress Up and of course, Sesame Street!

  2. I remember Captain Kangaroo! I loved that show. Thanks for the memory!


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