Pioneer Woman Cookbook Signing Yippeee....

I'm super excited today is book signing day at Barnes and Noble, for The Pioneer Woman.  I am finally going to meet her.  I need to clean up, bake the cookies I'm taking her and her family and if I wasn't on crutches I'd do a happy jig.  I suppose I could still do a jig happily with my crutches.  It would go something like this...oh- you can't see me..never mind...
I am very excited, she/her blog/website, is what my blog, this one, aspires to be.  To grow  up and be like her blog/website.  I'm not doubtful that it won't it just may take a little longer, my connection is slower...  :)  
I have my own set of antics, I don't have cattle crap on my deck and in my yard, but in my neighborhood crap abounds in more ways than one..should I have said that out loud, I hope know one from my neighborhood is reading this.
Anyway, this is a happy day and I'd like to thank a few people..you know who you are...for making it all possible...now here's the wave, it's the kind you see the Miss Americas and the princesses use in parades..Thank You.

I'll be reporting back here for a follow up when  all said and done..book bought, pictures taken and cookies dispersed.

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