Litter Pigs

On every street corner and every house on every block each and every day  there are two legged pigs roaming the streets.   
 They refuse to see the obvious.
 They want nothing more than to promote the heaping helping mountains of garbage growing in the gutters instead of finding it's way to the trash can
 Controlled substances if  you will, come in many forms,  trash could be one of them.

I have been bothered now for a very long time with this problem I see every day.
There was a young girl I had met when I was visiting my Aunt as a little girl.
She was an anti litter nut...
she asked me to think about how our earth would look if everyone, I mean absolutely everyone, would throw each napkin they used, or gum they chewed, on the ground, what would the earth look like.
I visualized that as a kid in the 60's and haven't forgot that since.
 Most recently when I moved to the subdivision I noticed a two legged pig that constantly threw items to the ground and sadly she drove right past the dumpster on the way to her destination.  She still does it.  She is one of many, all ages, but this sort of disease isn't spread only in the teen and young adult years, unfortunatley this disease has many addicts, users, whatever..it is a huge problem.

I keep hearing about recycling and green and all that to-do, but we have a much bigger problem---we need to stop this ridiculous thoughtless obsession of tossing things on the ground, out the window and teach everyone.....recycling needs to start with taking care of our own little world, and that it is just as easy to put it on the floor of the car until we get home or throw it in the recycled container at the next stop.
This soooo needs to be said..
Stop Littering!

There used to be litter bugs....

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