The Busy Spider

What's you're family like?

Is there an Uncle Fester in your bloodline?  Do you have to worry about a little bit of Twilight in those incisors? 
Or is Aunt Biddie really Uncle Bud? 
It kinda makes sense now that she fixed your car sittin' on those  blocks --you'd been meaning to get to.

Is your family so eccentric Barnum and Bailey, could use them for their next act?

Normal, couldn't possibly ever, be crossing your threshold.

Hey?  that Thanksgiving, when you were invited to your ex's house?  You knew someday you'd write about it.

 Let's see,  there were the Jones who ran the flower shop, they were there looking all normal and nice...they moved to Georgia not long ago...dont'cha know..shoot no more flowers, no more chit chat on a long afternoon........normal?

And then, there was the drag queen that thought she was more worthy of your bra than you were, needless to say the temperature inside was hot enough for a fight. 
That would have been a good reason to ask for the turkey leg. 

Speaking of turkey, which reminds me of the hooker that came with her mother and she was a vegetarian so she brought tofu turkey, in the shape of.  It almost made the one on the platter look like a masterpiece.  Oh Mona!
Nothing could ever top that Thanksgiving, but give me some time, and maybe just maybe I'll find another cobweb or two. 

When Truth or Consequences, To Tell the Truth, Family Feud, starts adding up to your family and the Hatfield and the McCoys are looking better and better, it's book time.

I  believe families come in all shapes, sizes, and zip codes.  They are NOT the norm.  I don't care what some people may say or what they may try to tell you but families always have some kind of skeleton in their closet.....(go ahead read between those lines,  you know who want to)

It takes a skillful and dedicated hand to make a quilt.

The best stew simmers in the pot

Fine wine only gets better with age

And for every  generational tree you are sure to find a nut!

Itkupilli extras blog art get credit for the visuals

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