Don't Fail Me Now....

Feet are seemingly overworked and definately underappreciated, belonging on the floor and at best, at the end of your leg.
My favorite thing about feet is long lucious pedicures and a vast selection of shoes.

There is one place where they should never be and where occasionally I keep mine, and that's in my mouth.
This last episode was a real biggie and I'm still waiting to remove them. With all the discomfort, you'd think this would become a thing of the past.
Not so, I know that come tonight or tomorrow or even next week instead of enjoying a new pair of Pradas or a serious a pair of Wolkys, I'll be checking out the size 10's between my teeth.
At the end of the day where will your feet end up?

I can't remember what I did to make me write this so long ago-- LOL
Thank goodness I've since mended my ways

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