An American Idol

After much excitement I was able to meet Ree Drummond, last night at Barnes & Noble.
My baking buddy and carrier of the cookies for the Drummond household, Taryn, accompanied me to await the Cookbook and Blog queen.
I had an idea there might be a few people, but really, I had no idea how many actually read her blog, in my general viewing area.  Wow, was I ever surprised. 
I purchased the cookbook, because they said so and  went to find the end of the line that snaked all the way through the book cases down stairs.  I didn't really care so much about that, but I did care about finding a chair since I'm on crutches.  
Because of that last statement they sent up upstairs where my wait wouldn't be as long and found a chair for me too.   Yea B & N!    Yea crutches?

A few minutes later after settling in, PW had arrived along with her two beautiful daughters. 
I have to add this, if she says she's put on pounds I'd like to know where, she is very striking as well as tall and thin. 

It wasn't very long and when introductions were made, clapping had happened when I heard what I thought was Ethel Merman...singing...There's No Business Like Show Business.....I guess she dialed the channel she talked about and brought her too..
In reading her blog/website- grown up, I have to say I love her sense of humor..she'd be fun spend an afternoon with.

Inch by inch slowly we were at the front of the line..........................slowly...but I didn't complain because.................of this

I could have been there................................................

Needless to say I had a good time, I came, I saw, I met my blog idol and was very happy to feel like a groupie once again...     .don't ask...
she's the one seated....
I'd show my picture but it is awful...it needs a re-edit..maybe I will later.......

By all means, please run don't walk to your nearest bookstore and buy her cookbook and while you're at it, read her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story on her blog,  The Pioneer Woman about how she met her husband Marlboro Man....
It's supposed to become a movie by the way...and to think, just four years ago she thought she'd start a blog....

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  1. She writes very well, but I can't say I'm a fan of Ree Drummond. However, if you're happy, crutches not withstanding, I'm happy! Sounds like you had a good time.



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