I'll be in Scotland......

Dang, I dropped a cheerio, I was scooping and stuffing them into my mouth, I know it's not ladylike but it is healthy. I'm smiling now with cheerios sticking out between my teeth, look away if ya can't handle it.....oh right...no picture.

How do you like to eat your food? Do you eat differently when there are others around or are you a closet eater, stuffing and jamming cause ya just can't get enough.

Have you noticed how everyone is an expert in everything?
Have you wondered, when we are out of the pickle our country has been in do you think anyone will learn anything at all from it or will we run rampant and do the same thing all over again?
Personally I think the politicians won't, what have they cut back on for themselves...????

Just wondered...........and in case you can't tell I really didn't have anything in particular to write about this time so I took the road to Scotland :)

( Ye'll take the high road and............)

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