An Alphabetic Expression

The F bomb after it's exploded covers an awful lot of territory, it's used to express oneself in ways that one cannot articulate, and usually follows a combustible explosion a large expression of sorts and this expression is felt by whoever or whatever lies in it's path.

No one was hurt in this nonsurvey compiling these non facts together.

Even the word though it accomodates just sounds downright hideous.
In truth there are many words in which to express ourselves and when we use the F bomb we are searching with our butts in the air and our head at the bottom of the garbage can.

If you look down the Literay hall compiled of Shakespeare, he was the king of wordiness. If nastiness prevailed in his stories or plays, it was hard to tell if you had been cussed and fussed to at all, most likely it sounded bloody well wonderful.

In opera yelling and telling one another off or offing someones head or body was done with musical notes floating everywhere in a soprano high or a baritone low.
I suppose in thought it's time we righted ourselves from the garbage can in our heated moments and stood on our feet with oxygen permeating our breath with words we wouldn't mind saying to a child or our grandmother.
The F Bomb should be detonated,
it's the whole scenario of the flies honey catching vinegar scenario...being nice and control and all.
In a word

What's in a word?

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