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I'm afraid I've been a little lax in my writings on this blog, I must confess I'm stuck, and most of the stories I have written lately I've put on my other blog, soooo to come up with subject matter I have to really get creative.....

Let's see, I started my patchwork type project, it is in memory of a dear friend, he introduced me to it so I feel as if I should finish it especially if I intend on ever starting another. My other project is books to put online and mail out, sounds easy if you have a constant connection to the Internet but I am still in the dark ages. I do not..I'm a slave to wi fi...and hopefully this too shall pass as long as money grows on trees...oh lord don't I wish.
This was delayed, this post, due in part to a faulty connection..now here's where the irritation starts. This is annoying to me....have you, any of you thought about why items that are made aren't made with parts to be replaced, instead of being forced to buy the whole deal? Most times I have to buy the whole shabang and spend money I don't have and consequently I believe it's a lot of hooey, if this were true...don't you think THEY would have more fixable parts and we'd be able to not throw so much in the trash that won't or can't be recycled...I hope I made that clearer than mud..said part is fixed cause I had to replace the whole part instead of part of the part...

Today is another day, there will be many things to do, see, write about if the right part is available, there are parts of us, not our things that will never be able to be replaced and there are ages that will never be visited again and that my dearies is another matter .....time to go....ta ta it ain't over till the fat lady goes on a diet and sings to the top of her lungs...and hopefully by then I'll come up with something else to write with more depth .

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