This picture of my cousin Jim and his wife Lisa has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but doesn't it just make you feel good to look at this sweet couple instead of reading all the dribble.

I am bored, I've looked at so many blogs (it's not their blogs it's mine) I probably couldn't find my way back to my new favorites if I tried.
What I have noticed about a lot of the successful blogs are PICTURES. If you don't have pictures and ads it's boring. We need more than mere words to satisfy our hungry eyes. So I'm going to try to change something I find very tedious.

There is a similarity I find in pictures /sprinkles, it's the finishing touch, a visual explanation of expression, this will be a stretch to say the least.
There is another thing and it is consistency, maybe when I add the sprinkles I'll feel less likely to change the face of my blogs all the time. It's a little funny because I'm not at all like that with my home, I don't change the chair locations or rearrange shelving and such, it's too big and bothersome. I do rearrange lamps, books, tidbits, the freedom to experiment with all the luscious free backgrounds available from talented generous people is more than tempting, it is interestingly fun.

Here's to a new beginning!

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  1. Your blog is great Barb, not boring at all, and it is so pretty, I love it. xxx


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