An Unconventional Holiday

Oh my gawd, I feel a heavy post coming on. I feel heaviness in my heart and my being. I'm trying to push past all the gloom but philosophically the door is gargantuan and mostly I haven't eaten my Wheaties, and I'm tired. Trying to rush grief isn't always good, missing your appointments to your therapist isn't either. Oh yes, I have a therapist and from the state the world is in so should they, so there! By the way, I just stuck my tongue out too. So get over it!

I love the mornings, and I love to write in the mornings, I'm writing a book and it's hard when you can't dive into the fantasy of creating, what else is there if there isn't an outlet to create. Piecemeal I suppose is better than nothing.

I need a break, a change of scenery, I need a vacation.
I've taken my holidays lately through blogland, just this past week I was traveling through a few different countries thanks to Tongue In Cheek, courtesy of Corey and FH.
Oklahoma where the wind is.....oh sorry I was singing on my way down the long winding dusty trail, Pioneer Woman, she was in the lead wagon, I had to pass the time. :)

So many different personalities behind each superhighway of cyberspace, all with a welcome mat inviting you in to take your shoes off, have a glass of wine, sit a spell and let's talk, and I love it, but seriously as much as I love that,
I need a vaca and no laptap no matter what can make a difference.

I'm knocking on Ali's, door, I hope she's home, I'm in desperate need of some of the Aromatherapy she talks about, I've been a little tense, too much sugar probably from visiting Bakerella
I'll make do for now, but rest assured I'm heading off somewheres, somehow, someday,
but in the meantime, join me, I'm heading off to Sunderland England, Melanie has some books to introduce us to and some swaps possibly about to start. I can't think of a better way to relax but to kick your shoes off put your feet up, grab a cup of tea with good read.
There now,almost better already.

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  1. Oh Barb, I do hope you are feeling better now, poor you, take care my pet.
    I love your post, I smiled when I read about you visiting Ali and I, how lovely it would be for you to turn up on our doorstep, I certainly would introduce you to some of my favourite books, infact, you could spend the whole day in my book room, browsing the shelves, adn I would keep popping in with pots of tea for you, with a cosy over the pot to keep the tea piping hot, and John and I would cook you local, regional dishes for your dinner to try, to sample the food of our people, panhagalty, sining hinnies..., and we would give you the recipes to take home, so you could try them out on your American friends and say 'this is what people from Sunderland eat'.
    It would be lovely indeed! xxxxx


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