Awaiting a Praise

I look around and not a sparkle or a fluff a branch in green is anywhere. It is the 15th of December and right around the corner is the manger awaiting the newborn babe.

No matter if the decorations are up or down recreating a cherished time in history will still take place and my gratefulness to God for sending his Son and loving me enough through my earthly junk.

I can hear the chimes and the bells, the bleating of the sheep. The rustling of the hay underfoot of the cow and the breathing of the camels, the sluffing of the sand, escorting the wise men after such a long trip and the jubilation of the ending to their destination. And the Star.
The cries in the air of a heavenly king awaiting his mother for sustinance when He in all his glory could have taken care of his own thirst.

If ever there was a time to fall and praise and say Glory be to God on High...I do believe it would be even now.

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