Pay Attention!

I attended a writing class with about 6 students and one very entusiastic instructor.
What makes this class exceptionally different? Our instructor is a writer not an author he says. Never wants to be one, they are someone that has never been published or like Margaret Mead, she published one time, "Gone with the wind "and so was she after that. Of course the guy that wrote Men in Black is still living off Burger King sales and hasn't written another thing since. Not so bad under the circumstances and considering he got his ideas from an eccentric neighbor. Life lesson here is pay attention to your neighbors, crazy mother in laws, the women that walk their yappy little dogs and then they ignore the heck out of you. Pay attention in general. It helps when you are crossing the street especially.
My next challenge is to write a short story and this needs to be better, exceptionally better than the last few I have written. I'm challenging myself to go beyond my own expectations. But I need to be careful not to focus so hard I lose my creativity. Rosanna Rosanna Danna is on my shoulder right now. I want so badly to be published I'm willing to do what I need to do, to do it. Nike all the way. Just do it!

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