A Book and a Cover

I'm sitting here wondering what to write about next, I've been in a dry spell for awhile.
I'm out of town working at a University and today is my last day. As I sit at this long narrow table, with the laptop I'm using and my scanner, to my right, are two doors and a flow of people are busy going every which way, their destinations planted firmly in their minds. They even look like they are telling you I'm busy I have plans, I'm going here or there, to do this or that.
In front of me are 4 different ATM machines. I knew these would have activity but I never imagined as much as what I've witness over the last week. Good-ness. To the left the entrance to the bookstore with a constant flow of directional intentions. My favorite is everyone pulling the door when they should be pushing, and with a quick dart around to see if anyone was watching, I can't really say much to them, I did it myself.
A look to the left, a flight of stairs and the cafeteria. Of course I can't see beyond that I'm flattened somewhat against the wall and this is my observation all day long. The people give it color and variety.
For the most part, everyone is pleasant and I haven't really come across anyone with a nasty attitude. I think most people are relieved summer term is over and there doesn't seem to be a thought about fall starting. Good for them.
Ya know it is true, you cannot judge a book by it's cover, and people are definately like books. I have people come up to me and expect goodness and light to come out of their mouths because they seem to have an angelic look and you would not believe that beelzabub lives there. I had a young lady so sweet the other day and she was the "same book and title". A gentleman in some grungy clothes , he could have been a used paperback, was singing "take me out to the ballgame". I love and expect the unexpected so long as it isn't someone totally nuts about not getting their money for their phonebill or disappointed they can't buy that keg they were hoping too...
Two more hours and I'm outta here and glad to have finished my week. I need to get home to see my dog, she loves me unconditionally ya know. There is always about 10 minutes when she seems to snub me for leaving but that's about it.
It's nice being away, it's nice to go home.

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