Blowing Steam

It's disturbing and calculating and it bothers me because of the sensationalism that comes from the written pages, the music, magazines, and news videos. I would assume you know I'm generalizing this by saying it is the media.
We write for all kinds of reasons. To make ourselves heard, to feel better,to pass on information, to invite, to offer our condolences.
We have a right of freedom of the press. Our men and women fought for this right.
Is it right to take away our right of innocence.
I turn on the television and yes, before you say anything, I can turn it off, the news molests my rightful thoughts and I am supposed to be informed of the latest murder, the dirty deeds of the teenager gone bad, the woman in another county shot her husband, because our laws aren't for the victim they are for the purp. I am assaulted with visions of animals being treated unfairly, humans behaving like animals, and animals assaulting other animals, and it isn't where it should be, National Geographic or Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom, is a proper setting for wildlife and the food chain.
We are supposed to be a society that has progressed since the days of the unpolitically correct cowboys and Indians. But, I see a society that is far worse. They didn't have the information and we do and we have more means by which to get it there than they did. A smoke signal or the pony express wasn't all that bad but we have the airwaves, phones, tv, etc..
We need not only to protect our children from the media and all types of it. We need to protect our innocense and sensitivity as well.
I could go on and on and I know I'm not the only one that has written about the negative in the world. I am only one of many. If you put a lot of dots together it eventually forms a picture. I am one of those dots in the greater scheme of things. I only wish many someones would realize the big picture before the almighty pocket continues to eat away at the innocence of our being.
(I am also aware of all the good that exists here as well, and the kind and wonderful people that are here and all they do and say. That's another posting .)

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