For a Minute

I'm back, who knows for how long, but I"m here  thanks to a blogging friend who shook the dust off the inside of my computer.  It's curiosity and nosiness that got me here......whatever works.

I've had a chance to take care of personal matters, clean up  a little--- but of course there is always more to do and to focus on work in various forms.  Just the other day I started a FB
page for my stick creations.  The Stick Page, can't get any more real than that.  So I thought I'd share on here and see if I could generate some oglers, I didn't say stalkers, I said oglers.

By the way, I'm sure you've heard this is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I want you to know, my stick person had her mammogram just today.  Visit  that Page for all her adventures as well as other characters.

That's it, I'm spent, I need to nap, it's been a busy day and it looks like rain yet again.....Suldog, I'll make my way over there.......soon ( before I'm demoted).


  1. I saw your FB page for Stick Barb and Liked it. Looking forward to seeing more about your web design business too.

  2. Thanks for the linky-love, Barbara! Always appreciate the boosts!


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