It's a big word Leptospirosis and the problems that follow it are even bigger. It is a bacteria I never knew existed and is very costly in more ways than at the veternarians office.

My little furry four legged friend, my very first dog of my own, contracted the virus and within a week suffered the ill affects of the deadly bacteria that shows no mercy. It seemed to immediately shut her liver and kidneys down and I had no other choice but to "put her to sleep". I never imagined I would be able to do such a thing, but I know it was best, she wasn't the energetic fetcher all of us knew and loved she was in the ravages of that dredded bacteria.

I didn't know I could cry so much for a little animal but I have, I cannot believe she isn't going to follow me absolutely everywhere I go, she was a shadow and I do miss her and will miss her. There will never be another Pepperanne, unfortunately there will be Leptsopirosis, and because of that I want whoever reads this to pass this post on on to others because no matter where you live it isn't a disease that has limitations and it can be contacted by humans later on in the disease if not careful.

There was alot more to my dog than that big word and for now this is something humans need to know more about to prevent this from spreading.
Most importantly there is a vaccine but at best read more, I've only touched on a fraction of the information.

The stories about my dog and her antics and fun times will come later.

Pepperanne 12/2000*******08-14-2009


  1. Oh that's so sad.I'm really sorry.

  2. Im so sorry reading that about your beautiful dog. We had to put our dog to sleep 20 months ago and we didnt think we would ever get over it, but 7 months ago (after some resistance from me) we rehomed a rescue dog. He will never replace Shandy but he has helped to fill a big gap. It wont feel like it now, but maybe in time you will feel able to give a home to another furry friend. Thankyou for letting pet owners know about this disease, I was not aware of it, but will make sure the correct vaccinations have been given. Best Wishes X

  3. Thank you for your warm comments I really appreciate it.
    Yes, I have no intention nor do I want to to get another dog...but....

  4. Oh Barb, I am so sorry, I did not know, you should of mentioned it in your email to me instead of letting me witter on about my problems. I can not even imagine what you are going through, please take care and keep strong. I truly am very very sorry. xxx


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