A tough road to follow

In the last month I have seen more babies and young children with all types of medical problems.
I have read the heartache and the exhaustion of the parents involved. I have seen the pleading and the comfort derived from countless pleas of miracles to be healed, some were healed on earth and some were healed in heaven. It has changed me and opened my eyes much wider and my heart even more so. I can see a whole new world out there I either didn't know existed or I chose to avoid because of the pain and heartache. "It wasn't my niece, or friends child, so why would I choose to express tears and pain?" Further more who wants to be in pain when they can turn the corner and it is gone. Denial and avoidance are vast rivers of streets and avenues and I have traveled down both.
These families are all over the country and the best thing I can do for these families of these precious little ones is like one family said. "It is time to dirty our knees and pray".


These websites are only a few and are only a drop in the bucket, compared to what is out there.

What road are you on?

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