The Secret to a good slide

Certain gliding across certain surfaces will bring a zeal to most anyone, and depending on which types of gliding we are talking make the difference. Of what am I talking about, well it could be ice on a cold crisp winters day, or it could be someone in their socks gliding across a finely polished hardwood floor. It could be a cute seven year old zooming down a finely tuned slide........

First, the feelings would start before the screendoor would even slam. Before the Mooooom, I'm goiiiiinnngg outsiiiiiiddee even touched my lips. Before the scream was even thought of
When I did finally slam that door and run outside it was pure exicitement, and then I saw it.
It was a love moment for a 7 year old. From the back porch stoop stood a huge red slide. I don't know where it came from, don't know if someone made it for me, all I know is it was big and red and fun. I'd walk right up to the steps and look all the way up Mt. Slide. I knew when I reached the top I'd be almost level with the apple trees that covered our yard. Climbing up was scarey and exciting, and I couldn't wait. Reaching the top of the steps was a wow moment and what made that even better was gazing out to see how high I really was and then the look down on my downhill glide with my secret invention ,waxed paper. Did you ever know the secret of waxed paper and an aluminum bottomed slide? The only drawback was not enough of the actual slide because my butt told the story of meeting up with the ground sooner than it ever was expected. That didn't last long though because I wore out my bottom and tore up the waxed paper. What fun.
I don't know what ever happened to my big red slide, but I have thought of it from time to time and wish I could go back and
wreak havoc on a large slab of aluminum and a box of CutRite.

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