A Calendar Day

Thirty something years ago I had a son and twenty something years ago I had a daughter and I'm a mom about to be officially honored according to the calendar on Sunday.

I don't want to put on pantyhose and be held prisioner at the hostess stand waiting for a table briefly sterilized by an overwrought busboy and hurried staff. Been there done that.

Please just let me put my feet up with my kids at my "side" and grill a few dogs , look at a few pictures and laugh.

I want to laugh, I want to remember good times and go through piles of papers they artistically made just for me at a knee high age. I want to hear what they are going through now, of their likes of their loves of their needs and wishes. I want to laugh so bad because inside I'm crying for my mom. At this age and I need her, I can see her in my minds eye and I can feel her skin and hear her so clearly.

I want to sing with my kids the song that made my mom "famous". Gloria from Peoria is a horia" A made up song that made us laugh. The same song that was paired with dancing. Forever Dancing

I want to hear stories from my kids from times that if they told me when it happened they would still be grounded to this very day. I love the laughter, I love the memories, I need the now.

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