Any Campus

A medley of faces, shapes and sizes cover a campus like a buffet at a fellowship dinner of Baptists fresh out of a Sunday service.

You never know what you are going to get when those faces come around the corner. Even when they stand in front of you, you can be polite and " hi yourself " all over the place and then out of the mouth of the petite can come an Arctic blast. Definately not expected, stunned and speechless when it happens. Towering over me was a mammoth man boy with looks like he could rip the hinges off my 4 Runner but nice as pie, make mine apple please.
His mama and daddy obviously spent some extra time with him. Attitude runs rampant on most campuses, and I do know the weather does play a part as well as high expectations and greed. Oh and their rights they haven't even earned yet are expected. Just like the silver spoons that have obviously been a part of their mouths and I'm not talking fillings either. I know a good days work and a swift hand couldn't hurt. Although with some a huge shoulder would be well deserved form of support.

I have never seen so much cleavage. You'd swear you were in a club on the wrong side of town, not that I have ever been mind you. Where are these daddies of these female offspring? I was trying to remember my own cleavage at that age and realized I didn't have any unless I turned around. .oh my.

But for the most part and the majority they make this time spent most enjoyable, I like the interaction, the variety, the showing of politeness towards one another. It is nice to know through the many trials and all we have to endure in our existance, young and a mixture of older people can communicate on a daily basis without a lack of respect and a spot of fear. Maybe I should add in the light of former tragedies we hope there won't be a fear of that type to pollute our minds with a heaviness of heart.

In any event my last meeting was met with a gentleman that said he "just felt like singing" and was thankful he was

six feet above the ground. Yee haw honey and an Amen to that.

Apps Apps Apps

Stelllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa Actually it's Steller, with an e-r- Steller is an app for your smart phone and it's a cool thing...