Everyone is certified,quizzafied, examified from pages and pages of experience in book expertise.

Our granddads and grandmoms and uncles and aunts
would be camped at the nearest park benches and church front missions because caluses are not accepted on the resumes of today.

They say lack of credentials in this day and age
when God given experience and land handed down and elbows greased was born and bred provided through bloodline united, love unified, exemplified.

Now a thesis that says we are personified 100%with paper in hand and more than qualified from the stack of books that we never even looked at, camped haphazardly on the floor right next to the strewn papers and clothes near the door,
that will get us out to a job that will replace an experienced face and hands of a man that crawled up the ladder and into a land not destined to greatness because of an exam.

How do we say, how do we answer, what is our purpose, when will it become, how many times, who will have the answer.

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