The Supreme impression

It was 1960 something and I was across the alley at Georgia Presnells house learning how to twist, mashapatata and sing from a hairbrush.

They wore makeup, nail polish and kissed boys. The other they was Terry Lydick. She lived on the other side of me. Georgia and her were the same age and good friends. I thougth Georgia was exotic then and I am almost sure I didn't know the word exotic existed. She took dance lessons at the studio down the street. Terry was more down to earth a homebody. One time we went to the pet store downtown and bought a duck together, and named it after my mother, I guess this was to endear my mom to the fact that we were going to have a part time pet duck.
No such luck, soon after the discovery of Gloria the pet duck, was now known as Samantha the pet duck. I couldn't believe my parents let me keep it. Georgias mom wasn't convinced I guess.

I remember sitting in Georgias living room eating bags of Tasty Tater potato chips, by the way that would be a $2.50 bag now and it was quarter then. And drinking a 16 oz. bottle I said bottle with real glass of Pepsi.
The record player played The Supremes. I know we played others but I distinctly remember singing in the hairbrush, the record was playing nice and loud and the hand went out - Stop ! in the name of love.............we were good and we worked it. We had the motown down town down.
Imagine if I was older, like two years older my hairbrush would have really worked it.

We would make oatmeal cookies and eat most of the dough. I realized that's why I went over in the first place, to make cookies and got caught up in the music. Eventually I moved away and they were older and moved on with their lives too. I had an impressionable good time growing up and crossing the alley to just hang out. They were cool older girls and put up with me tagging along. Not very often but when it happens a song will come on the radio and I'll revert back to 6th grade singing my heart out in a hairbrush and making myself sick on oatmeal cookie dough and reliving some wonderful times.

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  1. I was reliving my own childhood memories just reading this blog today. Love your style, Barb.

    Keep writing...these childhood memories are fab! And it gives me a touch of "home" (having lived the first half of my life in Canada and now residing in the UK).

    Jacquie x


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