Is 100 calorie bags worth it????

Has anyone ever thought about the furniture you have in your home? Where did it come from? Did they replant after they used the wood and even if it was an antique still questions should arise.
The materials you wear or sit on, maybe the cards you send your loved ones during a holiday.
Water and bottles. Glasses that could be used instead. How about the tissues that you use...ever think about that.

This one really irritates me almost as much as unnecessary strip malls and not using the building that are already standing empty.
The conveinance of one, an indiviual serving, 100 calories, a package for so many conviences that our trash is ridiculous.

Oh I have another...Litterbugs, I renamed them, Litterpigs.............
I live in an area where the neighbors daughter passes by the dumpster as she leaves, but she dumps her trash on the ground.
When I was about 11 or 12 I littered, until someone said, what would that be like if all of us did that every day. I stopped littering, my car looked like heck but it was a solution to the alternative.

These thoughts are just a tip a slight tip to making our planet better. I know we are concerned about global warming and all that's in the press, but what we should be even more concerned about is what you aren't reading. Think about that, next time you blow your nose on Kleenex brand tissues or the next time you see someone toss out the window their lunch or pocket sized snack bags.

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