I'm inspired ,I just entered a contest from http://www.thepioneerwomancooks.com/ I'll be in serious shock if I win. I have entered so many contests and nada.

She talks about her Marlboro Man, how wonderful is that.

I have been enthralled with cowboys since I was a little girl. I loved the westerns, Sky King, Maverick, Roy and Dale, more cowboys than I can think of. I wanted to be Annie Oakley. I remember in second grade we had a play and I was able to wear a cowgirl hat and had a pair of guns and holsters and I was ready, I loved it. I think my teacher Mrs. Garlinger, had her hands full with me and my six shooters.

When I watched the "cowboy shows" I paid attention to detail right down to the crunch of the gravel from their cowboy boots. I was trying to remember why I liked them, I believe it was because of my dad. He loved westerns too. He had cowboy boots , hat and he lit his cigarette the way the cowboys did. As much as I detested the twang of country western music that played right into it too.

Secretly out loud I want my own cowboy to ride right up to my door with the howdy partner honey drawling out of his mouth along with a look that would melt the gold in them thar hills.
(the picture is my sister in law Donna, the snowman, my brother Mike and the dog, and he is living out his cowboyness in the middle of nowhere out west with cows and mules and everything)


  1. Barb, cowboys figure in my childhood and adult years too.

    My sister had two children and her eldest, my nephew Terry, was a cowboy through and through. We all grew up together (living in separate homes but doing many things together) as my sister was 18 yrs. older than me, giving birth to her son when I was just shy of my 1st birthday.

    I have some lovely photos (somewhere!!!...need to organze those photos....a retirement project for sure!) of him cutting cattle (I think that is the term!) and also of him riding in rodeos.

    Sadly Terry suffered a fatal stroke about 9 or 10 yrs. ago and I sure miss him. He was a cowboy, living out his dream in B.C. on his ranch til the day he dropped out in his property and that was his life over.

    Thanks for the memories. Cowboys rock!...well especially ones like my Terry.

    Jacquie x

  2. That is the BEST snowman I have ever seen!! makes a change from the three ball, one carrot and two pieces of coal ones we seem to me obsessed with here!!

    ouissi x


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