More than a Waltz..

When did you begin your first dance, your love of, your moment. Was it on the feet of your dad, was it practicing for that first dance at your prom?
I remember the old movies, with the couples jitterbugging, girls reaching heights almost effortlessly by their partner with fluid strength. I wanted to be a showstopper, a toe tapper, bowing on stage with awe and wow by those people watching. But, in reality, fear of broken bones and stage fright didn't help the moment at all. Be that as it may...dancing comes in all forms and most times is loved by many, whether you can or not.
I had written a previous post called A Dip and a Twirl that explained my fun on the floor...and who I had fun with.
There was a time when sweat and laughter prevailed in a small town, in a crazy place, named Rettigs, with a good friend, Gary Palmer, we'd dance every dance we could until our feet couldn't take it any more or until we closed the place.
I think of my friend and would give those frightful eye teeth to laugh and dance with him again...wherever he is....

I was starting my day ....and noticed an article about a sweet 94 year old lady, Mary Coffey, with a last wish....
..it wasn't for a trip to some exotic land, for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, or to meet her favorite celebrity, but only to dance....
and the people around her made sure she had her
Tennesse Waltz, her last dance.

and then that led me to thinking about my own mom and how she loved to dance and I wrote about her, Forever Dancing.

I don't know why it touches my heart the way it does, I don't feel like crying ...not at all I feel like.......dancing

Let's not go out on a melancholy note..let's go out on a David Bowie kind of note and

Let's Dance!

and age, style, ability, has absolutely
nothing to do with it..it's how it makes you feel and where it puts you
at that moment...go on now...

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  1. I read that story. It was so sweet. I love to dance but don't really do it anymore as I don't really go out to the clubs anymore. Guess taking a class would be good to do. Or I can just crank up some music and make the living room my dance floor!


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