Cha Cha Changes

Life changing moments happen everyday, every moment. These days it seems if I turn around and change toothpastes or a new body cream it's a life changing moment.
Life's large and the worldly moments draw from the simplest of times and even now I'm coming upon a life changing moment. All I can say about that is WHO Hoo it's about stinkin darn time. What is it? I hear the whispers through the tunnels of of the webs superhighway and all I have to say about that is we'll both wait and see, because I happen to have a personality both fun and bothersome at the same time, I can change my mind in a New York Minute. No it's not this age of mine leaning on the down slide, I can be down right fickle. I pray this time I'm on an uphill climb to a platform a place of radical and heartfelt changes. As always I'm a work in progress and that's what I need to continue to be or otherwise I'm a walking corpse. Eww!
The focus is what can these changes do for me, they can improve me, I can meet new people, I can pull from me a well of information I never new existed but all I need to do is water them and grow them and ta da, I need to celebrate the bud until the blossom emerges.
And with that it's about stinkin darn time!

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