In Memory of Boyd Milton Hone

Do you have a good friend, I certainly hope you do. Is it someone you can tell all of your this's and thats to. Or do you have a friend you see occasionally, someone you can pick up where you left off. Even if it was 2 years ago. No matter, life gets busy. Are your friends close in age or does age matter or not matter to you.

I hope you have variety and I hope you realize that it doesn't matter what kind of package they come in. What do they bring to the "table"? Is it their gift of listening? Or can you laugh through the strange subjects when most people would label you as sick.

Do they have the ability to read you like a book are they talented and you are dreaming to somehow catch a little bit of their talent.
I lost a friend the other day, a friend much older than myself but he was much younger in spirit than I hoped to be. He didn't know a stranger and brought joy wherever he went. I loved to hang out with him and see what he was up to next. He always had a project going on, always willing to help you if need be. With a boundless bouncey personality he was the closest thing to Tigger in human form that I knew of. I was hoping to catch a few more garage sales with him, show him how far along I was on the project he showed me to do. Invite him over for a craft day and call him to tell him what my bargain for the week was. I meant to call on Sunday, but it slipped my mind.
I won't be able to just enjoy the ribbing we tended to throw back and forth or gain knowledge.from his never ending inquistive mind. but I do know... he left all of us with joy by just knowing him.
Good bye my friend

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