His name should be Riley

It's a dog's life.

Everyone is on pins and needles for the big event, for the equivalent of the Peoples Choice Awards. Only this time this hopeful winner has 4 legs.

Sportily clad in a kakhi hat and a pleather jacket, quite smart looking I might add and enough to set the Mrs. chasing her tail. Rumors are that Mr. Blacklab will be watching.

It's been a whirl of bright lights, all the photo shoots what's a dog to do. Not even time for a spin around the yard, or a lap from that amazing watering hole inside the biggest doghouse you've ever seen.

We hope you'll stop by and win or lose (win of course) I'll be pawing my way through autographs like crazy.

Pick up a treat while you're at it.

What a life.

Breaking news, this just in...Billy Ho did not win, but he'll always be a winner in our eyes.
A husky downtown claimed the prize. Looks like he could possibly have bit off more than he could chew.

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