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Actually it's Steller, with an e-r-
Steller is an app for your smart phone and it's a cool thing to use for personal use or business.
It can be used as an online portfolio for nearly any business OR it can be used for photos family or otherwise in an artsy way.
I'm still getting used to posting times and the other this's and that's but I like it.  I've introduced it to a clients employees to use for their own portfolios where they'll be connected to the website.

There are so many apps and so little time to use them all.  Picking what's right for you or your client is a process.  It takes time, don't rush it.
 I want to try out Flipagram but haven't had enough time to devote to it, I will though, eventually. Then I'll be able to decide if it's right for a business as a tool or to chuck it in the app pile for another purpose.
Check out the info on both of these apps.  Right now, Steller is my fav.  


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